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Raspberry Cheesecake


1 cup white chocolate ice cream, without chunks
2 cups raspberries
2 cups raspberries for decorating.
1 cup double cream
4 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
18 oz  cream cheese

For the base:

6 oz butter biscuits
5 oz ginger nuts
5 oz  unsalted butter, melted

Oil the 8 x 12 inch baking pan.Place cling film to bottom but leave 2 ends of film outside the pan.  Add the biscuits and melted butter to a food processor and process to crumbs. Arrange crumbs and butter in one layer in the prepared pan, press  the layer against the pa  and place it in refrigerator.

Put 2 cups of raspberries in food processor, process, move them to sieve and rub to clean from seeds. In a small pan add in smashed raspberries and double cream, place it on low heat and slowly stir while warming. Remove from heat, add in cream cheese and sugar. Beat well, until smooth and bright pink colour. Best to use electric whisk.

Leave the ice cream to a room temperature for 10 - 15 minutes, until soften, add to a cream mixture and whisk until smooth again. Spoon the filling into a prepared pan and close the cling over a cheese cake. Don't let it touch the top of the cake. Place the cheesecake to a refrigerator over night (at least 10 hours) to cool down well.

Next day remove the cheesecake from fridge, open the cling, lift from the pan, place onto a serving platter and remove the cling. Arrange rest of raspberries on top, cut it to squares and decorate with fresh mint.

Serve while cool and refreshing.


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