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Something on my mind

It's me writing again. I guess i do it a lot more then i thought i would. I just figured out I'm posting great traveling destinations. Places i would like to visit. Of course, these are all amazing places, and grat photos, but when i started writing this blog i had something different in mind.  I waned to post everything. Art photos, strange photos... Well i think i will go this direction for a while. I hope you don't mind. Who knows, maybe I'll post different kind of images tomorrow, or next week. Right now I'm in traveling mood. So let's travel together...

Heaven on Earth

To all of you who are planning vacation for the next year, this place will blow your mind. I haven't seen more beautiful beaches and the color of the sea. So peaceful. I think people out there feel like gods.When i think about word beach, i picture myself one of those images below. When I visit this blace , I will never leave. Some part of me will always stay in one of those wooden houses. Bora Bora is just Heaven on Earth!

Bora Bora is actually an island in the group of Society Islands near Papeete, capital of French Polynesia. It is surrounded by a lagoon. Center of the island is extinct volcano. Those wooden houses on the sea are actually hotel apartments. This very luxury and very expensive hotel. Nevertheless, I think it is worth to visit this amazing place. See you there!

Inspired by love...

How strong true love can be? Without love, we are nothing. For our love one we will do everything! It is the most powerful feeling. Love makes the world spinning. That is my thoughts when i find out this great temple was built in the name of love. That is why it is the most beautiful place on Earth. Taj Mahal  is a symbol of love.

Taj Mahal is a monument in Agra, a city in  India. The palace was built by Mughal king  Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Persian Mumtaz Mahal who died too early. It was built in 1653. year. The construction lasted 21 years. It included a thousands of artists and workers. 
This place is so amazing, it goes in top of my "places to visit" list.

Mysterious place

When I look at Machu Picchu, all i want to do is go there and explore this amazing place. Study every inch of this ancient village and try to find some secret that Inca left us. I even dream about finding some hidden tunnel which leads to a chamber full of secrets. Wow , I'm an explorer now! :)

I'm very thankful that this Tribe left us so beautiful place. This landscape is one of the most beautiful places i had ever seen. This old ruins hidden under green grass. This narrow paths and rock stairs witch leads to a stunning lookouts. And there is that mystery part. How did they build such place. It seems almost imposable. Just loook at it!

Macchu Picchu  was the holy city of Inca. placed on the highest point of Andes mountain in Peru. It was built around 1450. year but it was hidden until 1911. It has around 200 buildings made of stones. It was not ordinary Inca's city, most likely it was built for the kings throne. Beautiful city!