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Hello... all of you!

I'm Mable and I decided to share my thoughts about nature and good people living with the nature. When I have time, i surf the net and look at stunning photos of untouched landscapes and daydream that I am at those places. I can't help it :).Those photos just drive me away... There are so many places that look amazing. I have a list with the names of them which i will visit in near future. Problem is that the list is getting bigger and bigger. :). Second thing i like is creativity. I just love  to see unique stuff. Everithyng. From buildings, art, technology to music and photography. Not to tell you about strange and creative food and drinks. While preparing it, people also can be very creative. I'd like to try them all.

Today is raining and I'm looking some photos of autumn. I just love the rain. It calms me down. Okay, not if it falls for three days, I just love the beginning of the rain. the way it konks on my window. I gues you think i'm weird :). Well, sometimes I think I'm weird. But I realy think that makes me unique. A characteristic that i love the most. And can't get enough of it.

Stay with me and you will see what kind of person am I. I will post a photos that i find stunning at a moment and you will recognize my mood right away. I will try to write also, but I think the best way to express myself  is through pictures. Enjoy them as much as I do!



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