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Amazing Village

This village is just amazing. Nested in province La Spezia in Italy, and built in a small valley with an unique style. Buildings are practically constructed on each other and that looks like every house wants to be closer to sea. Like they are thirsty. People decided to paint all the houses in different share so they look so colorful. Like some child build his village with Lego. Absolutely a must see place for me and i hope for you too. It is also a village with a long history. It was built in thirteen century near a castle but the origins dates from 8th century.

It is one of the most visited places in Italy. People from village make a great wine and mediterranean food. It has a small beach and lots of restaurants. It's very small so the best way to see it is by walking. I think the best view of the village is from the see. Just like in the pictures.


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